Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of Warranty

It's about time I got back here and posted something. My life has been consumed lately with mundane & grinding details having to do with physical disability. I'll never look at a limping person struggling along the sidewalk or up the subway stairs in quite the same way as before. I don't feel old enough for this, but my left hip has given out and I'd rather not go into the particulars about pain and immobility, but it's been a rather serious comeuppance. So much for yoga and my beloved walks. Looking back, I think this has been years in the making and I have to admit the last few slogs into Chelsea to see the galleries were miserable—and that was last May. Denial only goes so far. All summer I kept hoping it was some injury I could exercise my way out of. But now I've seen the evidence. No second opinion. There is not one shred of cartilage remaining in the joint. Surgery is scheduled for the end of January and life is a limbo in the interim. Mrs. Natural goes Bionic.

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