Saturday, June 3, 2017

Back at it (whatever IT is)

I've just noticed it's been more than five years since I last posted here. Life has intervened as it inevitably does; the world order is undergoing significant changes; both of my parents have now passed away, and I am officially a senior citizen.  After several hours of technical difficulties having to do with a lost identity, in which I was prevented access to my account, and now have to contend with yet another password, I am back at it with plans to pick up where I left off. Well, not exactly where I left off, because much of that was full of a kind of negative anomie,  but, nonetheless, I feel I do have things to say that merit attention and I welcome this opportunity to do so. How other people will find me here, I haven't the faintest notion, because self-promotion is anathema and try as I might, I have been unable to budge the prohibitions of early childhood. 

What is worthy of note is that I have built an entirely new website; a sort of catalogue raisonné without the overburden of complete inclusiveness and nitpicky documentation. So, it is thoroughgoing as far as showing a lot of minor works, juvenilia and speculative efforts alongside the important stuff. As I put this thing together, I lost all comprehension of what was important and what was not. The rule was to include rather than exclude, so the visitor may face a lot of repetition in some areas. To me, the repetition is a signal. An indication of what needs further exploration. This is something a young artist cannot know. It is revealed over the years through the oeuvre. The website is:

I welcome your response.

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